Changing Channels

As I breathe and type the Universe is working to deliver some sort of surprise next week.  Will the news be GOOD or BAD?  

Without a doubt things will unfold as they should... River and I have put or pencils to work and scraped together cash, couch change and (maybe) a loan to buy our new (to us) sailboat.  

Details to follow in the coming days...tomorrow is our test sail with the seller.  The survey looks great, we have a berth ready for her, insurance lined up and a little tiny loan is all that needs to be funded.  We have come upon so many cool friends on this journey thus far and we only started sailing last May.... as in May of 2015.  Idiots?  Dreamers? Fool hearted landlubbers?  Nah... We are inspired by the courage of those who have gone before us and supported by friends new and old.

Shout outs to OCSC in Berkeley, CA, Denise Miller at Fidelity, Linda Ramierez at Essex, Danny who skippers Gypsy Soul, Alex Fabros of Pei Qi Xu, Megan Dwyer of Mad Max, Tom Scooch of any vessel that will have him, The Crew at Starbucks in Rocklin (esp. my boy toy Brody), and Stephan Sowash, the skipper of Peregrine.  Without your embrace and competence we would be lost.  

Fingers crossed,



Girl of a thousand faces...from a long line of basket cases…
— Jimmy Buffett