So What’s the Plan?

So many of you have asked and the definitive answer is that our plans like so many other sailors are written in the sand at low tide.  But here is the general idea.

We are bay tramping until August 20, 2018.  

Bay Tramping – verb – the act of being kinda homeless in the San Francisco Bay. Paying no slip fees and parking a car in a secret free location with a pal keeping an eye on it. Spending most nights “on the hook” making the most of the free anchorages in the Bay Area.

On The Hook – verb – to be at anchor.  i.e. no dock, no mooring ball.  Being on the hook implies that one will rely on the dingy to get to and from shore. Which, of course, is super fun.

Ok, in late August we will begin to make our way down the California coast.  The original “plan” involved a lot of stops.  The new plan (updated because I am tired of being cold) involves a couple of stops (Half Moon Bay and perhaps Monterey if we can find a good anchorage (to be on the hook- you catchin’ the vibe here?) and then getting to Santa Barbara in short order.  A week or 2 in Santa Barbara – we have many peeps in the area.  Then down to Marina Del Rey – gotta see a pal in Venice Beach (spoiler it is not Hank Moody – WouldthatIcould) then maybe LA (Disney with the Duncans) San Diego and Catalina.  The trip to Catalina will include our beloved sisters-in-love and we cannot wait to enjoy Catalina again.

The end of October marks the closing of the hurricane season and we will wait for a good weather window to make our way from San Diego down the Baja coast.  Our stops will depend upon weather timing and tips from other cruisers.  If you are flexible with your time and want to jump aboard let us know.  

We need to make landfall on November 16 to get to the resort that we have booked for our wedding.  We will be at the resort Nov. 17-20.  After that we have a dear friend, “Angela” joining us for a few days to check out the Sea of Cortez.  The plan is to remain in the SOC until hurricane season is upon us again (May 2019).  From there the plan is to hit the Panama Canal (want to come?) and hang out at Shelter Bay on the Caribbean side as recommended by our pals from L dock, John and Shannon.  After hurricane season we will be set free to explore the Caribbean (Nov 2019).  

These are all of the plans we have for now.  The two biggest questions we get are 1) Will you go all the way around the world? And 2) When will this ‘lil trip be over.

1)  Maybe – prolly not  

2)  When it isn’t fun anymore!

Full Tilt,