¡Feliz Navidad, Amigos! - Travel Update

It is nearly Christmas and I spoke to Megan on the phone today. She is home for the winter break and staying with my folks. This will be the first year I am not with her for Christmas. Trade offs (sigh)… She will travel to us in early January before she heads back to school. She said to me, “I didn’t realize when you were planning this adventure how many friends you would be making”.

You read about cruiser friendships and the camaraderie. I am here to tell you that the people we have met thus far are real keepers. All interesting characters in the present with amazing stories of how they got here, why they do this and how they keep going. We are able to share the highs and lows with this family of cruisers unlike our family and friends on land.

The Fearsome Foursome is a rag tag band of boats that include Sarah and Charlie on sv Blossom, Glenn on sv C-Ya, Tom and Cathy on sv Advantage and good ole Rhea. If Helmuth on sv Ocean Echo had gotten his genset fixed sooner we would have been the Fearsome Fivesome.

We left San Jose del Cabo after an excruciatingly long wait for a good weather window. Having each been caught in 10-14 ft confused seas with 30 knots of wind we were all for being as conservative as possible. Having an armada was comforting.

After making uneventful landfall in Frailles we were in for an interesting evening. We stow our dinghy in the sail locker (deflated) so there was no way for us to go ashore. None of the others did either… maybe a good idea. The beach was packed with campers, tents and trucks and the party on shore got going around 9 PM. At least 5 gunshots were fired throughout the night – unnerving but most likely harmless! We got the hell out of dodge early the next morning and made for Bahia de los Muertos (bay of the dead).

Muertos is being rebranded by Mexican officials and I can see why. The new name, Bahia de los Sueños translates to Bay of Dreams. Our newly minted pack of besties spent 6 days snorkeling, swimming, eating at the 2 restaurants on the bay, hiking, playing games, and planning our departure. I really was dreamy.