How I spent my summer vacation...

365 days ago we set sail under the Golden Gate Bridge after having spent the night in Horseshoe cove at the base of the Gate. Neither of us slept that night. I kept getting up to gaze up at the bridge. The lights, the sounds, the fog rolling about continually changing my view. For years she had been the symbol of our escape. “Under the Gate and hang a left,” we said.

Here we are a year later. What have I learned? The joy is in the journey. Not at the end of it.

I planned to shoot and edit YouTube videos. Nope. I have enough footage for a mini series! I was going to keep the blog updated. Nope. I have all these cool ideas. I was going to do yoga everyday. Nope. Some days; not everyday. The list goes on…

Being on the move constantly is a lot more effort than it seems. My body took at least 6 months to adjust. My psyche? A little longer. I had so much time and space to figure out what this time in our lives is about. I met some extraordinary people along the way. All of them teachers and many of them dear friends. I like to tell people that I have met 2 people in the past year that I won’t have anything to do with. If you know me, that number is impressive!!

We had some tough weather scenarios, stuff broke, I fell off the boat (at the dock; sober) and hurt my knee pretty bad (wheelchair bad). Other peoples boat broke, and they had tough weather scenarios…. We all loved, supported and laughed together.

I got to meet one of my sheroes (that’s not a typo). I had followed her blog for years and when her boat pulled into our anchorage I lost my shit. We have video to prove it. I waited until a respectable hour to approach and they were gone! Ahhhhhh… 2 months later I introduced myself and if you can believe this shit she knew who I was. She remembered our online chats - she recognized our logo from Instagram. As we head back to the boat in September she and her family will be with us for a solid month helping us as we prepare for the next cruising season and River is reworking her website and doing some other cool shit with her. Mind blown.

The cruising community is like nothing I have ever experienced. The kindness and willingness to help others is so beautiful. We were having an electrical issue and got on the radio to ask for a referral to a local marine electrician. 10 minutes later a guy walks up to us on the dock and introduces himself and asks if he can take a look. He is a fellow cruiser and is docked a few 100 yards from us. Bewildered we say yes. He and River crawl around and push and pull some wires and viola! Shit is fixed. We offer to pay him —‘cause we are still pretty new and don’t know any better. “Cruiser karma” he says and that is all. This kind of thing goes on daily. I was so excited when it was our turn to help someone out and when offered payment I replied, “cruiser karma.”

The community is so transient that you crisscross paths all season. Unless…. Buddy Boats!!! Buddy boating is just that. You make a plan and you sail to the same location. I loved getting to stay in touch via VHF as we made our way with 4 other boats from one point to another. The lead boat providing info on sea state and wind. The middle boats relaying messages to the DFL boat. The DFL boat trying to catch up. We had a blast with the Fearsome Foursome!

Some people brave the Mexican summers but we chose to travel. Loomis, French Polynesia, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, Boise, Portland and Riverside to see family and friends. This has been a whirlwind summer and we loved every minute of being with our land tribe!

As I write this we are in Carlsbad. I have taken on a writing project that may surprise some. When it is done I will let you know. River has landed an agent and his YA (young adult) novel will be sent to publishers this fall. When it gets picked up we will announce it on FB and IG.

I'll do a bit more traveling this month to see my favorite person and one of my dearest (oldest LOL) friends. I am in the midst of a decision to try and reconnect with a childhood friend. Hmmmm… River heads to Phoenix on Saturday to spend time with our sisters-in-law and to love on Riley Einstein-Edgeworth-Braun-Putt-Aloicious-Delicious-Rosseaux. We call him Riles for short.

In September I will be in Phoenix dog sitting and doing other wondrous tasks as River sweats it out in Mexico with so many of our pals getting the boat ready to get back in the water. We should be in the water no later than Nov 1. We are planning to be in Puerto Vallarta for Thanksgiving and then…. Well, you’ll see.

Sv Rhea standing by on 16.