As River and I began exploring our cruising dreams, we encountered many travel vlogs where it seemed the sole purpose was to sell the viewer something in an effort to fill their cruising kitty.  We understand that people need to make a buck, but it didn’t seem authentic to us. Now that we’ve launched our cruising site and have been sharing our pre-cruise journey, we want to share with you our philosophy on the cruising life and how we want to live our mission to “Have Fun. Do Cool Shit. And Love People.”

The heart of our mission is to share with others a different way of life. A way of life that encourages a "work-to-experience” ethos. River earns enough with his freelance writing to support us in living a modest way of life on the water and we altered our lifestyle drastically to pay off bills and save up for our journey.  That said, we’d like to do more for the world than simply cruise around and have a good time.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 😉

We want to give back. In order for us to do that, we hope to move people to sponsor us in some way — whether that’s by supporting our video productions through Patreon, buying us a beer and showing us around when we reach your corner of the globe, or through affiliate relationships, product discounts or donations.  

Let me be absolutely clear here — we will not endorse something that we are not completely stoked about. If we love it and think it would be useful to our friends and family (our Tilted Life Crew,) we will be happy to share our experiences either in a blog or video. If we mention something on our site that we use, we may include a link that may provide us with modest monetary compensation. If you click it and buy something, we get a little back. It doesn’t cost you a thing and we get to use that money to help others. 

Your support through Likes, Shares, Hashtags, etc. is a great way to show your love!  We love you no matter what and we're glad you're here! Give us a shout on Instagram, FB or Twitter using #TiltedLifeCrew and we will do our best to send some love your way.

We sincerely appreciate the generosity of our dedicated sponsors!


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Photo by Robert Villalta from Pexels.